Can We Use Laptop While Charging? Here’s The Truth


Hello friends, Welcome to Can we use laptop while charging? This is a common question that comes in the mind of a person using a laptop. In this article we will clear up the confusion. Please read the full blog for getting detail understanding. If you have any other query related to laptop you can visit here in our query page.

Battery in Laptops?

  • Before we move on to the question can we use laptop while charging, we need to understand which batteries are used in our laptops.
  • There are two types of batteries used in the laptop
  • One is a lithium ion battery and the other is a lithium polymer battery
  • Nowadays when you buy a laptop in majority of laptops they have used the lithium ion battery.
  • The lithium ion battery is completely dependent on its charging cycle that means how many times the battery is fully charged and discharged
  •  It’s always good that we should discharge our laptop at 80% and charge our laptop before it reaches 20%.

Is It Safe to Use a Laptop While Charging

laptop while charging
  • When we use the laptop when it is plugged-in, in that case our laptop will not take power from the battery, it takes power from the adapter.
  • At the same time it also provides power to the battery to charge in the background.
  • It has a mechanism that once the battery reaches 100% the power adapter does not charge the battery it will automatically get disconnected.
  • Now the power is only given directly to the laptop only through the adapter
  • When we use laptop while charging there is no load on the battery as the laptop battery will automatically discharge once it 100% 
  • The answer to the question is can we use laptop while charging is Yes it safe  to use your laptop while charging

Best Practices for Using a Laptop While Charging

  • when it comes to using a laptop while charging, a few simple best practices can help to keep your laptop in the best condition
  • Choose a Stable Surface: Place your laptop on a flat and stable surface while using it during charging
  • This helps proper airflow and prevents overheating
  • use high quality original charger: always use original laptop charger which comes with the laptop
  •  A different laptop charger can potentially harm your laptop
  • Appropriate Ventilation: keep in mind that laptop’s ventilation areas are not blocked
  • Good airflow helps disappear heat and keeps the laptop cool
  • Battery Charging Modes: laptop comes with power management settings that will help you to improve your battery life but this will also affect the performance
  • Battery Safety: If you notice excessive Heat in your laptop it’s advisable to unplug the charger temporarily to cool down the laptop
  • By following these straightforward practices, you can use your laptop while charging without compromising performance or battery health.


 In Conclusion, If you read this full article, you got your answer for the question: can we use laptop while charging? Using a laptop while it’s charging is generally safe and supported by modern laptops. By using best practice which we have discussed you can comfortably use your laptop while it is charging without major problems about battery health or device performance. So if you have any questions please you are free commenting below, Thank you

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